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Everybody’s getting a commercial for their website(s)!  Because consumers expect a short video for a quick run-down/tour or demonstration. For that reason a website video does just that. A short, to the point, sell the sizzle video gets to the point.

Your website commercials can have working Hyper-link(s) inside of them. (eg.,For linking onto an affiliate’s page)

NetCommercial is a Full Service ‘in house‘ website commercial company. As you can see examples of Video and Gif’s below.

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Why use a video for your website?

In this paragraph I reveal why to use a website video commercial. For One, it’s natural progression. Secondly, consumers have been conditioned to expect a quick run down on your business, in less than 3 seconds. Because of this a potential client wants your message, motto, product, or service, right in front of them. Moreover, do they have to delve further into your site to find your mission statement, and why they should be doing business with you? Lastly, how about selling the sizzle of your product or service? For instance, the commercials above are only examples to demonstrate motion graphics in a website video ad commercial. We can tone them up, down, or ?? In conclusion, using a Website video commercial or video ad,  makes a convenient, outstanding, impression on your ‘would-be’ clients. The result, is branding them for recall of your product or service.

Remember when you compete on the Net, you are competing with the company above, or below you on any particular search engine. The solution, video ads/website commercials will boost you to the next level and separate you from the others.

Getting Started

Get yours started now. We have starter website commercial/video ad packages as low as $899.00! Just hit the contact button above and send us a link to your website and a little scenario of what you had in mind; that’s it. For instance, you could even send a competitor’s site that you like.. You will be contacted within 24 hours and given a solid quote.  Don’t worry about logistics, or location a website commercial can be done over the Net. We have clients from New York to California and even London! You order, we upload, you proof, we send you a link, and all assets on a disc for safe keeping. We can also install the website commercial on your website for you. We are a Full Service website commercial company. Tell us your vision and we install it on your website.

Check out our Blog for more facts, figures, stats and some ideas for your marketing solutions. You are at the right place for all your video ad needs. We use the latest software to bring you that cutting edge website commercial. By using templates we can bring you low prices, fast turn around, by active listeners who apply what you want conveyed in a catchy memorable website commercial ad.

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