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Website commercial can be in any format, any quality HD or SD. IE: Iphone, Youtube, Vimeo, Tablet, Facebook, Twitter, etc… The example below is just some of the creative, refreshing ads I can put together for you.

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In today’s fast paced society the consumer has grown to expect a bit more out of a website. As a car dealer you must be aware you are a trend setter, as well as always striving to have cutting edge technology to reach out to your customers. Create a special bond with recognition,  tailored  website commercials can do just that. They’re engaging and entertaining, all while delivering a message you want your clientele to hear. Such as, best service, best deals, friendliest people in town,  pressure free transactions, etc. Without the stereotypical, in your face, writing it in BOLD TEXT, ever looking like “ad-pitch”. Better results are to have a third party, such as your brand of cars,  deliver your message. IE: Have a family car, talk to the family about being the safest,  a sports car talk to the enthusiast about being the sportiest.  Have them talk about that month’s specials- Call me today to order your advertising campaign. Thank you for your time. (714) 206-4818. I’m in DHS.


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