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This is an area for Website Commercial deals, utilities, affiliates and links.-Movies-Editing-Animation-Lights-Lenses and other necessary gear to create a website commercial. I am pretty thrifty for shopping around and most of the stuff on here is what I would use to get the best bang for my buck. However, it may be possible to find it else where, for even a dollar cheaper; but I have found these to be reputable places with recourse to buy on the Internet.
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Animation Suite that has it all!

Toon Boom Animation - Animation Software

Here you will find a hosting service for your video campaigns!

Make your web videos play on iPhone/iPod/iPad – FREE Download!

Create Iphone Apps Easy and cash in…

Looking for website commercial deals?

NetCommercial is running a special, please see Pricing.

This area was dedicated to Amazon links for quality merchandise for use when creating a website commercial. I had website commercial deals posted in here. I will have them back up once I relocate. From what I understand Gov. Brown put a quick bandage on the situation for only 6 months. Prior to that Amazon suspended all business affiliates in California. Hence, no website commercial deals / links to cool gear. I had to remove all links and have not reinstated my affiliation with Amazon. I am waiting to either relocate or see what happens in June 2012 with this whole thing. On that note:
Due to Gov. Brown….
The Website Commercial Utilities and or deals have been temporally removed. The deals were connected to Amazon affiliates, however Netcommercial is based in Southern California. Please do not remove us from your Bookmarks for deals on the right gear for shooting a video, or creating your own website commercial. We are looking to relocate, once we find a friendly state, we will have the links back up and running. Email me if you are looking for something in particular, or have a question about types of equipment and I will do my best to help. Thanks for your patronage.

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