BlackFriday Widget Page Example

  1. Widget One for this year’s BlackFriday sale Black Friday! (pic)
  2. Widget Two BlackFriday deal (pic)
  3. Widget Three BlackFriday deal (pic)
  4. Widget Four BlackFriday deal (pic)


You need only to update a page like this with that year or month sales.

Using the Flash video, or commercial that brought you here as your affiliate page link. (As I did from the Flash link)

Or even load your video onto a reserved spot “a place holder” on your home page to direct clients to  a page like this.

Thereby not messing with your website layout. (Saving webmaster money or time) Need only switch out your themed video.


Recycling your advertising dollar and still standing out

Using a video that is themed for sales / promotions that are going to come around every year

This is Journeyman thinking and production minded. BlackFriday comes every year as does Christmas, President’s day sales, etc.

Have  your Video locked and loaded, needing only to switch out the video, then update the page it links to, like this one and the example above.

Maybe you want your video in smaller sizes for affiliate pages? Like this?



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